5 Reasons We Hold On To Weight ( And What To Do About It )


5 Reasons We Hold On To WeightThe other day in yoga, the teacher announced that one of the students in our class had lost 50 pounds. Bravo! As we all know, that’s no easy task. And I was almost brought to tears when a woman I love and respect shared that she’s lost 25 pounds since reading my book  The Energy Cure!

All this has me thinking about the psychology of weight loss. There are certain mental/emotional patterns that cause us to hold on to weight. The good news is that once we change these patterns, it is much easier to lose weight. Here are the five top patterns that cause people to hold on to weight and how to transform them:

1. Over-Giving: Working too much, socializing too much, being the “good friend,” listening to others complain – are all symptoms of over-giving. Make sure you’re not giving more energy than you can manufacture in that spirit/mind/body of yours. Set boundaries. Say no. Do only what you are inspired to do. Doing something for someone else out of obligation is a huge energy drain.

2. Harboring Resentments: Whatever you do, don’t let little resentments accumulate. They are very sticky and these sticky emotions attract calories. If we hold on to anything emotional, we need to somehow feed it. Look at every single resentment that comes up in your mind and either forgive or talk to someone about it. Nothing is meant to stick; we are spiritual vessels that are meant to be clear and POWA-FULL!

3. Need for Approval: Live by the saying, “What you think of me is none of my business.” The need for approval is the need for external attention and energy. This indicates a vortex in your emotional landscape that pulls energy in rather than allowing it to flow outward as it is designed to do. Sucking approval, affection, attention and validation from others can be replaced with giving approval, affection, attention and validation to yourself.

4. Self-Rejection: If there is one person in the world that should be loved unconditionally it is you. Rejecting your feelings, desires, and even mistakes results in a piece of you being branded an outcast. The cost of having this piece of yourself banished is that you end up feeling like something is missing. What do we do when we feel something is missing? Eat! Of course, different people fill their holes in different ways, but loving oneself unconditionally is required in order to feel fulfilled and therefore “full.”

5. Guilt Trips: Did you know that feeling guilty can become an addiction? There’s a reason for this. Every emotion has its own vibration and guilt happens to be very low and heavy. Every time you feel guilty for over-eating, you actually feed the emotion of guilt energy until it grows into a monster. Once this monster gets sufficiently big, it will demand to be fed by driving you to do something that makes you feel guilty! Trust me on this: Once you refuse to ever feel guilty again for eating something “bad,” the magnetic pull toward compulsive eating will lose its power.

These five psychological tips will allow you to release extra weight, feel happier and shine bright like the sun, providing warmth and nourishment to those around you without even trying!

Kimberly Kingsley is an author, licensed professional counselor and energy coach. She  teaches life-enhancing principles that lead to inner peace. For more than  fifteen years she has been part of the wellness movement, sharing her message through speaking, training and coaching.